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    Welcome to the Rachel Stamp Discography. This discography features all important releases from the Rachel Stamp catalogue - including demo tapes, singles, albums, promotional singles with alternate mixes/edits and unreleased items - to give the fans the ultimate look into the band's extensive back catalogue. Feel free to loose yourself in each and every bit of it... but please remember to clean up after yourself once you've gone...

    And now a few words of wisdom...
    DISCOGRAPHY: All the bands releases and selected promotional items from 1994 to 2004
    PROMOTIONAL: All known promotional releases from the WEA days to the recent Underground Inc. dabbles...
    IMPORTS: Items that have been released outside of the UK
    BOOTLEGS: Information on available unofficial recordings out there...
    VIDEOGRAPHY : Promotional Videos and TV appearances
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    LYRICS: Learn all those lyrics... and even find out a bit or two about a few...
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Rachel Stamp Demo Tapes

Released late 1994/1995
(no catalogue number)

Cassette (Blue Cover):
1. Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic
2. Pop Singer
3. Stealing Clothes From Shelley Barrett
4. n.a.u.s.e.a.
5. Queen Bee
6. Madonna... Cher...

Cassette (Pink Cover):
1. Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic
2. Baby Baby
3. Pop Singer


  • These demo tapes are where it all began way back in 1994.
  • Recorded before the band even played their first gig together and issued to various record labels to gain interest.
  • These demos contain the earliest known recordings of the tracks featured but allegedly, “n.a.u.s.e.a.” was used as a B-Side on the original “Hey Hey Michael…” single, and "Baby Baby" made an apperance on the "Sweet Shop" compilation.
  • Very limited copies were made and even less have made their way into collector’s circles
  • Worth noting that this was the demo tape that made WEA snap them up in the first place, all those moons ago...
  • And if all that wasn’t enough, they come in hand made covers!
In Print Status: Are you kidding?
    Quite frankly, these demo tapes could send any serious Rachel Stamp fan into a sheer state of hysteria to rival Beatle mania upon gaining a copy. It is advised to stay far, far away from any Rachel Stamp fan who has received a copy within the past 24 hours if you value the state of your own personal health as hysterical fits have been proven to be deadly. Instead of raving on like Star Wars fans at a Toy Convention about how obscenely rare these tapes are, I’ll cut it short – you have more chance of playing Tiddlywinks with the Grim Reaper than you do of ever finding a copy in your local record store... Or anywhere for that matter...

Pop Singer
Released February 26, 1996

CD & 7” vinyl:
1. Pop Singer
2. Sluts And Sharks

Promo CD:
1. Pop Singer (radio edit)


  • The band’s debut single through WEA Records
  • Released on CD and Limited Edition Pink 7" Vinyl of 1000 copies
  • The CD’s label has a special print, which makes it look glittery under the light
  • The 7” features an extended intro to “Pop Singer”
  • The 7" also has "Lick It Up Baby, Lick It Up" etched on to the center ring of Side A and "Christ On A Bike" on Side B!
  • Only got one airplay on radio when Chris Evans mistook it for a Spice Girls CD
  • A promo video was made but received no airplay on TV
  • A promo single was also issued but received very little airplay on radio.
  • The promo single features the radio edit of “Pop Singer” with all naughty words removed, such as "arsehole"...
  • Later issues of the single featured a cut sleeve to show that they were deleted. These versions pop up on ebay quite frequently.
In Print Status: Long out of print.
    Very rare and you can almost forget about ever finding a copy of the 7” Vinyl as it’s the “Holy Grail” of Rachel Stamp Collectables.

Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic
Released August 5, 1996

CD, Cassette & 12” vinyl:
1. Hey Hey Michael You’re Really Fantastic
2. Science Fiction
3. n.a.u.s.e.a

Promo CD:
1. Hey Hey Michael You’re Relly Fantastic (radio edit)


  • The second single through WEA
  • Released on CD, Cassette and a Limited Edition Numbered 12” Vinyl of 1000 copies
  • A promo single was issued to radio stations with an exclusive “radio-edit” of “Hey Hey Michael…”
  • A promo video was also made and only got played once on MTV
  • Later issues of the single featured a cut sleeve to show that they were deleted. These versions pop up on ebay quite frequently.
In Print Status: Long out of print.
    Very rare and you have more chance of finding the Pope tap-dancing down your local high street than you do of finding a copy of the 12” or Cassette. The CD though pops up on ebay quite a lot or in some Internet shopping sites such as eil.com, amazon.co.uk, or netsounds.com from time to time.

Bring Me The Head Of... Rachel Stamp EP
Released November 11, 1996

CD & 10” vinyl:
1. Madonna... Cher...
2. Tammy Machine
3. Every Night I Pray For The Bomb
4. Mike Rowe’s Christmas Cupboard

Promo CD:
1. Madonna,.. Cher...


  • The third and very last release through WEA
  • Released on CD and a Numbered Limited Edition Lime Green 10” Vinyl of 1000 copies
  • Promo copies of the E.P. were also issued to media and radio DJ’s around the time of its release (as it was the style at the time...).
  • A very rare 1-track promo of “Madonna… Cher…” was also released to promote the E.P.
  • The 10” has “I Hear Your Momma’s Coming Home” etched on the centre ring of Side A and “My Wife’s Out On the Razzle-Dazzle” on Side B.
  • This E.P. and its 1 track promo are highly sought after by fans due to their rarity.
  • Later issues of the E.P. featured a cut sleeve to show that they were deleted.
  • And to stop such alarming issues on ebay – the title track does not feature Madonna and/or Cher. People who believe so have been pointed to the nearest mental health institution and are currently “improving by the day”... and you’re laughing as if I'm making this up...
In Print Status: Long out of print.
    As with all of the WEA singles, they are extremely rare as many were re-called by the record company due to the poor sales. This E.P. was no exception and is the rarest of the three to come across. Finding a copy of either the CD, 10” or even the 1 track “Madonna… Cher…” promo CD can send some Rachel Stamp fans into states of hysteria and lunacy to such an extent, they would bid away for it like mad men and women on ebay or need a change of underwear...

Fight The Force Of Evil (The Unreleased WEA Album)

Unverified Track-Listing:
1. Hey Hey Michael You’re Really Fantastic
2. Dead Girl
3. Madonna… Cher…
4. Je Suis Maisee
5. I Like Girlz
6. Pop Singer
7. Queen Bee
8. True Love
9. Heroine
10. Don’t Get Married
11. Didn’t I Break My Heart Over You (9 minute Version)


  • Click HERE for an EXCLUSIVE insight into the WEA ALBUM
  • This is the unreleased debut album that has never seen the light of day and possibly never will as it was shelved when WEA dropped the band in early 1997.
  • Luckily though, various tracks have been released as B-sides so we could have a little taste of what may have been.
  • Recently, the tracks which made up the album, including “Don’t Get Married” and “Metallic Peach” were issued on a special compilation, entitled “Sweet Shop”.
  • After much speculation and rumour, the album’s title was finally verified as “Fight The Force Of Evil” which brought an end to many other bizarre titles that appeared on various Internet message boards such as “Rachel Stamp and The Turd That Just Wouldn’t Flush” and “Rachel Stamp Battles The Intergalactic Space Penguins From Planet Shabooboo”...
  • The cover shown isn’t the actual album artwork. There was never any artwork made for the album, but it is based on the band’s idea to have Wonder Woman on the cover. Don’t you think it looks nice?
  • The version of “Didn’t I Break My Heart Over You” on the album lasts a whopping 9 minutes and features the original WEA line up. The track would be later re-recorded for the “Hymns For Strange Children” album, released in 2000.
  • Thanx and Spanks to HRH David Ryder-Prangley, Sir William Crewdson and “N.A.U.S.E.A. – The alternative Rachel Stamp Website” for the info!

My Sweet Rose
Released December 8, 1997

1. My Sweet Rose
2. Je Suis Maisee
3. I Like Girlz
4. True Love

1. My Sweet Rose
2. Je Suis Maisee


  • The very first release through the band’s own label – Bitch Vinyl
  • Released on CD and a Limited Edition 7” Vinyl of 1000 copies
  • Features the original version of “My Sweet Rose” and three tracks from the unreleased WEA Album
  • The single received lots of airplay on Xfm and Student Radio
  • The 7” has “I Go Places… Then I tell my Wife” etched on the center ring of Side A and “You Should Pattern Your Life After Me” on Side B.
In Print Status: Long out of print.
    The CD and 7” have become rather scarce since their 1997 release and very collectable. You can still find copies on various Internet shopping sites such as netsounds.com, eil.com, opalmusic.com and 101cd.com but due to the limited quantities of the singles, they are usually quite expensive. However, find a test press of the singles, giddily grab that credit card as that’s so rare, people will stop in the street just to stare at you in awe...

I Got The Worm
Released June 29, 1998

1. I Got The Worm
2. Queen Bee
3. Heroine


  • The second and last release through the band’s own label – Bitch Vinyl
  • This was the first Rachel Stamp release to be exclusive to CD
  • Promo copies came with a Press Release about the band’s recent exploits
  • Features “Queen Bee” and “Heroine” from the Unreleased WEA album.
  • Early presses of the single featured an alternative mix of “Queen Bee”. This early mix was by Bobby Nolan who had worked with the band on the recording sessions of the unreleased WEA album. This early mix was issued by mistake and many CD’s had to be recalled.

In Print Status: Long out of print.

    This single is quite rare and like the “My Sweet Rose EP” is becoming rather scarce. Still if you find a copy with the alternative mix “Queen Bee”, some fans may decide to camp outside of your house and cheer endlessly when you play it on your now holy stereo...

I Wanna Be Your Doll
Released March 2, 1999

1. I Wanna be Your Doll
2. Girl, You’re Just A Slave To Your Man
3. Calling All Destroyers

Test Press CDR Acetate:
1. I Wanna Be Your Doll
2. Girl, You’re Just A Slave To Your Man
3. Calling All Destroyers


  • The band’s only release through the Snapper/ Madfish label
  • Only released on CD although, a rather pricey CDR Acetate (Test Press) is also available
  • Reached Number 15 in the Indie chart and narrowly missed the Top 100
  • Promo video was banned from MTV due to scenes of “doll mutilation”… It seems that men running around with chainsaws and hockey masks is fine with the MTV bosses, but dolls with pins in them cause may cause viewers to have a nervous breakdown.
  • The single's cover was inspired by Marlena Dietrich (click to see that inspiring shot…)
  • The single also features an awesome cover of the little known T. Rex classic – “Calling All Destroyers”

In Print Status: Long out of print.
    Despite being out of print, most Internet shops still have limited quantities of it in stock. Try amazon.co.uk, 101cd.com, netsounds.com or opalmusic.com if you are looking for a copy. The CDR Acetate on the other hand is like all test presses, harder to find than a condom machine in the Vatican and are usually rather expensive too.

Released September 20, 1999
(CR RS 001)

1. Spank
2. Pink Skab
3. Stealing Clothes From Shelley Barrett


  • The first release through Cruisin’ Records
  • Only released on CD but there a CDR acetate is also available.
  • Features the original mix of “Spank”
  • “Stealing Clothes From Shelley Barrett” is supposedly a left over track from the WEA sessions
In Print Status: Long out of print.
    This single has been out of print for a long time and is getting quite scarce in its old age. The single version of “Spank” and the stunning B-Sides are worth the crazed ebay bids alone, although if you are looking to avoid all of that, try opalmusic.com as they seem to gather all of the old singles and make hats out of them in an attempt to become Noddy Holder... Honestly, I know a guy who knows a guy’s uncle whose cousin knows some guy who works there and he said they are all big Slade fans...

Didn't I Break My Heart Over You
Released February 7, 2000
(CR RS 002/CR RS 7002)

1. Didn’t I Break My Heart Over You (radio edit)
2. Black Tambourine
3. Carmelita

1. Didn’t I Break My Heart Over You (radio edit)
2. Black Tambourine


  • The second release through Cruisin’ Records
  • Released on CD and Limited Edition 7” Vinyl of 500 copies
  • The single rocketed up the Indie charts, hitting a Valentines Day number 3 and received masses of airplay from independent radio stations!
  • The band’s “Valentines Day Anthem”
  • The 7” came in a see-through Plastic Bag...
  • Probably the band’s most successful single to date
  • Features a cover of the Warren Zevon song – “Carmelita”, which has recently been seen on a special tribute album to Warren Zevon, titled "Hurry Home Early".

    Speaking about the track exclusively to Wampus Media, the band talked about the recording of "Carmelita"...

    "This was one of the fastest and most relaxing recording sessions we've ever done. We're longtime admirers of the incomparable Mr. Zevon's way with a song and hopefully we caught some of the magical vibe of the original in our own style. Notice our Ronstadt-esque placing of the verses -- although I did read that it was Warren's original intention to have them in this order -- it's a tribute to everyone!"
In Print Status: Long out of print.
    With the success of the single, most online retailers still have copies available of the CD. The 7” on the other hand, just like the “Pop Singer” 7”, has been proven to be rarer than unicorn shit. You have more luck finding it on ebay or by chance in independent record stores and second hand shops due to its very limited pressing.

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