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Jeannette Marie Gonzalez


Future Plans

Is to be a high school graduate and go to the Military. Also want to be a student at the University of Puerto Rico.


Work Experience

August 16,2001 to November 21,2001

Food Service Worker, Arlington Racetrack kitchen, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Responsibility: is prepared the food, made sure that the tables are clean, answering the phone, operated the cash register, making sure the customers are happy and there satisfy with the food. Making sure the materials are being stock.

June 8, 2002 to August 24, 2002

Food Service Worker, Arlington Racetrack Kitchen, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Responsibility: is prepared the food, make sure that there was enough food in the containers, put food away, sometimes cooking the food that the customers had ordered, and being the Cashier.


Other Experience

A student in O.W.E., "outside work experience," learning about jobs and future careers.

Also baby-sitting my nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Also speak and read Spanish.



Going to a graduate from J Sterling Morton High School.

Plan on being class of 2004

Grade point average is 2.66.

Goals are to attend a school at the University of Puerto Rico and be a medical student such as a doctor delivering babies and go to the military.

Also have perfect attendance and being student of the month.



Available upon request


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Contact Information

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Biographical Information

I have green eyes, dark skin, and reddish brown curly hair. I'm from Rio de Piedras, Puerto Rico, and I have a big family. My mom's name is Jenny and stepdad's name is Pedro, I have a brother and sister on my mom side and I have three brothers and one sister on my dad's side. I live with my mom I'm 17 years old and go to high school, born in Norwegian hospital in Humbolt Park Chicago, Illinois. I have eight nieces and nephews, five nieces and three nephews. My nickname is Shorty or green eyes or boriqua. My favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse. I'm a very fun loving and caring person. My favorite music artist is Sean Paul, Eminem, Amanda Perez, JA Rule, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, Eve and 50 cent. I love to dance to house music, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Classic, Reggae, and Romantic love songs. Spanish music artist that I like is Celia Cruz, Munchies and Alexandra, Cumbia Kings, Fulanito, Brenda K Star, Aventura, Los Angeles de Azules, and Los Angeles de Charlie.

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Personal Interests

My hobbies are doing hair, drawing cartoons, and talking on the phone. I love to go out to the mall. I like to see movies at the theater and I like taking pictures.

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Pedro Vera (Stepdad)


Me and Alexsis

Me and Marilu (R.I.P)

Mom and Me

Me and Jessica (Neice)

Michelle (cousin)


Irene Lucy Medina (Neice)

Me, Jessica, Uriel, Melissa, Faviola, Susan, Griselda, Michelle, and Nydia

Jessica Mireya Sanchez (Neice)

Yosef David Contreras (Nephew)

Jacqueline Cecilia Sanchez (Neice)


Joseph and Isaiah

Isaiah Joshua Medina

Jaileen Melody Medina


Ann Marie Hartama

Me, Alexsis, Jessica, Uriel, Melissa, Faviola, Abraham, Anely, Ismael, Michelle, Ismael, Nydia, Jose, Leo, Griselda, Susan, and Christopher. Family and Friends.

Me, Abraham, Christopher, Ismael, Alexsis, Jose, Leo, and Ismael.