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My Poetry

After My Death

I might be dead and gone
but my restless souls will return
at each and every dawn

You might see me
by an old wind mill
or maybe even in the
middle of your lawn

Perhaps I'll live in your walls
rather than haunt them crowded malls
I might stay beneath your floors
never going in nor out the doors
I could wander night after night
down your homes very dark halls
And while you sleep, I'll throw all
over the floor, little bouncing balls
Force you awake and give you a fright

I can do much all in one night
Do you dare to to think that I might

A Mother...

A mother is not just someone to take care
of you but someone in which you can look farward
in returning that care.
A mother is not just someone who teaches
you, but somone who during the process,
will also learn from you.
A mother is not just someone who loves you
as a child, but someone who will love you
throughout your entire life.
A mother is not just someone who walks with
you during her life, but someone who also
walks beside you long after death.
A mother is not just someone who lives her
life and then leaps into the beyond, but
someone who lives in your heart forever.
A mother is someone that even though she isnt
the flesh and body as remembered, she is a
loving spirit and soul, never forgotten.
A true mother never leaves your life.