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FoR YoU mY bEsT fRiEnD!

You came into my life,

Only as a friend.

We now have something special,

I hope to never end.


You mean so much to me,

You will never know.

And if you are to leave me,

These feelings will not just go.


We have been best friends for a while,

Although it hasnít been so long.

I get the feeling its been forever,

Although I know Iím only wrong.


Iím thinking of you every second,

To hope that youíre ok.

Just keep that smile upon youíre face,

Problems seem to go away.


I promise Iíll never hurt you,

Or ever make you cry.

I know thatís not a guy thing,

But Jared I never want to say goodbye.


Will we be together?

I hope so, Ďtil the endí.

Jared youíre my love,

                    You are my best friend.