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Dearest Jared.... This is for you... I Love You!
A couple of photos

 For You’re 21st Birthday

  Where should I start???

It was about a year ago now where I started working at checkouts in Woolworth’s and personally myself it was the best thing I ever did... You working as a supervisor me just a little checkout chick… I remember those days when you snapped my registers and also that day you asked me to write my name on the change slip because you didn’t know it and I didn’t have a badge yet… I also remember the time I bagged up my register and you walked it up with me we were out the back talking for a while that was fun… The good old times… Then it was my work experience week and if it wasn’t for that day. We spoke for agers and you had came into work an hour early when we finally got talking and I gave you my number… It wasn’t until a few days after that, that you finally messaged me… I was going through a hard time and you were always there for me… We began to talk a lot and became closest of friends you then became my best friend… It wasn’t until the 17th of December where the best thing happened and you know what that was… We spent every moment together we could… You were always the one to put the smile on my face when I was sad… And this is why I wrote this that you’re reading… I love all the time we spend together, ALL the movies we watched, the day at manly beach and the best thing of all… the one we can’t forget… the park… Our park… Another thing that I remember Valentines Day, which was not that long ago with my beautiful black rose… Please remember all of these because they are the best days of my life... and with all the more to come… As I have to say thank you so much for all that you have done for me all the love and care you have given me… To despite all our little disagreements we have had… I still love you more and more each day… You have brought me so much happiness into my life… As now have the privilege of not just being you’re best friend but you’re girlfriend… You will always be in my heart forever… Once again I Love You! And thank you…

Happy 21st Birthday… Have a great day…

Love Always and forever Shantell



For you my best friend