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Time is a snowflake incredibly delicate and always melting away
If you wander the corridors of my mind
Count how many times your name youíll find
Itís like being lost in a blizzard
Everything is iced and snowy
The only clear path is the one with you Joey
Through the burning fields of a golden winter
Where you can taste the newly born sun
And everything I see is washed in white
Behind a burning cinder
The rich whisper of your eyes is like a kiss from God above
To hear your voice is to hear the singing of a dove
Lei sono una canzone
Yes, youíre a song all on your own
I look up to heaven, and what do I see
All the time in the world melting away from me
Time is this dagger always slicing, cutting
Sometimes there is just not enough minutes
And time with you slips away into the past
I think to myself "Paula you still have time"
But how quickly my future slips through my fingers
And how will I feel when youíre gone
Will my world be gray, and covered in ash
Snapshots and memories painfully vast
Times gone by in a hurry
A swirling snow flurry
And itís been the best time of my life