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Sad Song

When the world is so unfair
And all I have to go on
Is a prayer
And you die to believe there is a reason
Despite the coldness of the season
And you cling fast to your faith
Because really, you have no choice
Especially when you hear the pain in his voice

When the world does nothing but pass me by
All this pain coming in, have you ever watched
A friend watch his mother die?
You can beg and cry out for the answer
And maybe sheíll get through this cancer
If only you hold onto hope
Because thinking there is nothing more than this
All the agony, suffering, worry, would destroy a man like Chris

When even in the most radiant light
There is always that darkness
And to keep a smile is a fight
And you can see it, feel it, buried in his eyes
Slowly brimming over, ready to shatter, and he tries
So hard to keep that pain inside
Somehow it seeps through, makes its way across the room
And it is so hard not to let it consume

When nothing in the world makes sense
All the sickness, violence, death
It canít just be simple; it has to be complex,
And sometimes itís like you live a sad song
Youíre somewhere you really donít belong
Itís so hard to keep on going
Torture seems to be everywhere, pain is so vast,
And life, as slow as it seems, goes by so fast