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Too Much To Regret

Somber in this silence
Sorrow slinking through my thoughts
Holding tight to the faith I was taught
Hoping that it isnít all a lie

And sitting here alone, I cry
For the days I used to know you
Even in the darkest times itís true
All I seem to think of is you

Death is too close; it has hit its mark
Striking into love, snuffing a vibrant spark
Watching people cry, for someone I never knew
But yet, in the midst of it all, all I seem to think of is you

So, Joey Iím writing this just for you
Because who else would I write it for?
When youíre in every single dream
Youíre my very soul it seems

You cast my sprit into the wind
Hold me tight, donít let me spin
Even if you somehow let go,
Iíll always hold on, you know

Today we laid a rose to rest
Tears were shed and pain was vast
To see your face, I faced the past

Mixed up in these bitter thoughts,
New and old, and all askew
One thought was clear
That thought, just you