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My Mother

Maybe you donít see, whatís in front of your face
You canít see through the smoke, nothing, not a trace
You say you donít give a fuck, well maybe I do
You laugh and scoff, say I donít care about you
Youíre too busy with all your screaming
You live your life with nothing, never dreaming
You donít have a bad one, you just want to complain
Well, fuck it, Iím sick of this, youíre driving us insane
Yeah, us. Everyone sees it. Iím not the only one
Maybe you think itís okay to kick your youngest son
But I donít, and I let you know
Again you just laugh, say youíre aloud, well whoa
Didnít know being an adult gave you the right to abuse
You just better not let it happen again, you get to choose
When you get like that I just have to leave
But I have no where to go, no where to grieve
Even when you yell "Donít come back, donít even bother"
Hell, I have to, thatís my home, and youíre my mother.