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I Hope You're Happy Now

I would cross the raging rivers, deadly and dark
Climb the coldest mountains, practically suicide would I embark
Through myself into the bleak hopelessness of space
All this, and only for you. Death would I face

I want so badly just to see you smile at me
To make you laugh once again, what would I give to see
Those enchanting eyes afloat with happiness,
But I guess that itís all a mess now, all a mess

I hope you are happy, hope you can smile, wherever you are
Even though I canít be with you now, Iíll still wish upon a star
Pray a little harder every night, never give up hope, try to cope
You are alive somewhere, with someone, laughing I hope

Drenched from the river, exhausted from the climb
Slippery from the slime, but still alive despite the grime
And I found your world, somehow I entered, and you werenít there
And when you slipped past, all I could do was stare

I hope your happy now, after everything I dared
You can just shrug it off, just leave, all the pain I have bared
Was it something I did, or something you felt?
I thought things were fine, did you feel something to make your heart melt?

But now you wont even sit down to have a conversation
Oh no, thatís not what your about, canít you feel my frustration
I hope your happy now, hope lifeís what you want it to be
I guess everything you are, just isnít for me