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Tribute Page For Danielle, Cause People Like Danielle Deserve Tributes

My Favorite Things About a Girl Who Wears a Lotta This Pink

1. Why's it flashing?
   Its saying watch out I'm a bus

2. Why's it flashing?
   It's saying watch out I'm a girl driving stick

...he walks like a bunny

we never finished watching Hurcules in 8th grade but I SWEAR we will be sure to.

Drivers Ed is FINALLY freakin over, along with chemistry, and we both passed XD its true, i couldn't have done that without you

i dont know why i decided to make a page, sumtimes you just need sum1 to give u a lift every now n then and without knowin it you do that to me all the time. so here you go =P

im happy talkin again, n i was ancy so i decided to make a page. feel free to know you make impacts =)