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Piaget's Substages of Sensorimotor Development

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Substage 1: Simple Reflexes (birth-1 month) Child is born with reflexes in order to survive: Sucking (if you put something in the child's mouth, the child will begin to suck on it), Rooting (if you brush something against the child's cheek, the child will turn that way), Grasping (if you put something into the child's hand, they will grasp onto it), Moro, Babinski, Blinking, Stepping and Crawling, Swimming, and Tonic Neck Substage 2: First Habits and Primary Circular Reactions (1-4 months) This stage is the basic means of coordinating sensation through reflexive means; It is a scheme based on a child trying to repeat interesting or pleasurable events that initally occurred by chance, where the childs own body remains the center of attention; This is when the baby cries, and puts their thumb in their mouth by accident and find it pleasurable, the thumb falls out of the mouth and then the baby tries to get it in the mouth again. Substage 3: Secondary Circular Reactions (4-8 months)