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Enter the Matrix Cheat mode: Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter one of the following codes to active the corresponding effect. 7F4DF451 Infinite Health 1DDF2556 Infinite Ammo 69E5D9E4 Infinite Focus FFF0020A Fast Focus Restore 0034AFFF Max Firepower FF00001A Turbo Mode FFFFFFF1 Invisibility 4516DF45 Enemies Cant Hear You 13D2C77F Bonus Test Level D5C55D1E Multiplayer fighting BB013FFF Low Gravity 312MF451 Taxi Driving 7867F443 Faster logos Hacking: Weapons drop In hacking type in any of the codes to get a weapons drop at that location: DROP JXTRR10 - Drainage Canal DROP PNSRZ10 - North Concourse DROP RKHMS10 - Airport Tunnel DROP JDZMT10 - 2nd Floor West DROP ZKHBD10 - Courtyard DROP RHFTQ10 - Skyscraper DROP ZSZQH10 - Warehouse DROP JDHQL10 - Transformer Field DROP B1AXXF2 - 2nd Floor PO Boxes some hacking codes: DIR -List files and folders CLS -Clear the screen of text HELP -Extended help for a command TRACEKILL -Kills traces READ -Read *.txt files VIEW -View *.img files PLAY -Play *.fmv files Action Replay Codes (ARC) - Cheat Guide 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EEA251E2 BCE54072 Infinite Health: DE8C7C62 BCA99B83 Infinite Focus: DE94EB96 BCA99B83 Infinite Ammo: DE967136 BCA99B83 All Available Weapons: DEA2972E BCA99B83