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The Buccaneer Inn is a well-kept hotel directly on the beach at St. George Island. It has a private swimming pool and is just a short walk from Finni's and The Blue Parrott, two wonderful indoor-outdoor restaurants, also on the beach. Ask for the Wilsford-Fogelman wedding block. (800)847-2091

The Coombs House Inn is a fully restored, period decorated Victorian home in Apalachicola. It consists of two Victorian houses approximately 80 steps from eachother. The inn offers full breakfasts, wine-tastings, and personal service. Ask for the Wilsford-Fogelman wedding block. (850)653-9199


We have registered at Target for housewares. Although we have both lived on our own for quite some time now, we've never gotten together all those little things that make a house a home (i.e., matching dishes, a complete set of silverware, coordinating bathroom towels.) At Pier One, we have registered for the "fun" stuff--decorative pieces and some furniture that we've done without, but it would be nice to have. If you would like to help us in our effort to start our marriage off debt-free, you may call us for details.


Robert and I met through Jacki Elder, who was my roommate at Florida State. We ate dinner with a group of friends, but he was focused on the Lakers game and I was focused on being the only person in the entire state of Florida from Pennsylvania. A few days later, we ran into each other on campus and ended up eating lunch together. He carried my books to class, left me a note in our dorm room and for the rest of the summer we were inseparable. We spent a lot of time on St. George Island, which is our reason for marrying there. In September of 2000, we began dating seriously.


For my birthday, Rob had arranged a room at the St. George Inn, a B&B on the island that we had always wanted to stay at. He was very insistent that we go, even though we were under a hurricane warning and the weather was terrible. Not even five minutes down the road, we turned back. Rob was very disappointed, and I couldn't understand what the big deal was. Finally, he told me that he had flowers waiting also, and he had planned to propose to me on the beach. "But," he said, "I didn't have a chance to pick up the ring so it doesn't matter anyway."

We decided on dinner at a Japanese steakhouse as a consolation prize. Dinner was memorable, as our hibachi chef had a suspiciously Spanish accent and was less than adept at vegetable tossing and the standard knife tricks. After dinner, Rob explained his broken birthday plans to the other guests at our table, including how he had forgotten to pick up the ring from the jewelers. Then, he got down on one knee (I can honestly say I was not expecting this!) and pulled the ring out of his pocket!

"I thought I would go ahead and do this anyway....Will you marry me?"

Naturally I said yes and after celebrating we each went home for the night, planning on an early morning...We were scheduled for a marriage seminar. I woke up feverish and doubled over in pain at about four in the morning. I was sick every half hour until seven a.m., when I decided it was time to call Rob and go to the hospital. I was seven months pregnant and afraid my fever and dehydration would start my labor. Rob could barely answer the phone, he was as sick as I was. "I am SO glad you are sick!" he said. "I wasn't going to tell you because I was afraid you would think I was faking to get out of the seminar!" We headed straight to the hospital, I to triage because, as it turned out, my fever had sent me into labor and Rob to the emergency room. We did have food poisoning, from bad eggs or undercooked chicken. After three hours my labor was finally stopped. We spent the entire day in the hospital and were not allowed to see eachother even once! Sandy ran between the floors all day checking on us. I was up to my teeth in sedatives and all kinds of medicine, but the only thing I remember is showing my ring to every doctor and nurse within eyesight.


The wedding will be on the beach, the dresscode is NOT black tie! Khakis and button-downs for the guys, simple dresses for the ladies...Barefoot unless you feel uncomfortable with your toes in the warm sand. We want everyone to be comfortable and relaxed.


Ivy Wilsford & Robert Fogelman 2404 Eargle Rd Charlotte, NC 28269 (704)598-2797




After June 1, our new address will be 5601 Hewitt Drive. Charlotte, NC 28269