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Bush Signs Abortion Ban
President Bush has taken the first step toward ending legal abortion. Donít just get madóget active!
  • Check out NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation's ad about the ban.
  • Sign up for the Choice Action Network and get ready to take action!




    Hello!! Welcome to my page. As of now, it's still under construction!!

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    :~:~:Here is Some info on Me:~:~:

    ~~Name:~: Nira

    ~~Age:~: 19

    ~~Education:~: College

    ~~Year:~: Junior

    ~~Major:~: Sociology & Anthropology w/ concentration in Women & Gender Studies

    ~~Ethnicity:~: Hmong

    ~~Residence:~: Minnesota

    ~~Interests:~: Swing Dancing, Modern Dance

    ~~Song of the Week:~: "Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanicsdown!!





    ~~My Guys:~: From Boondock Saints. They're great!!!



    ~~*~I also decided that it`s time to put up my picture~*~~

    ~~*~I'm the one on the right of course~*~~

    ~~*~The other is Foua. She got married this past year~*~~



    ~~*~Here's another picture of me~*~~

    ~~*~I'm the one in the middle. The other two are my roommates~*~~

    ~~*~Chaya and Mikel~*~~




    Here are some more hot pictures! I participated in the Miss Hmong Wisconsin Pageant held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I never thought I would ever participate in one but hey, there I was and now here I am!


    ~:<{~:Daily Thoughts:~}>:~




    There is but that one moment, that one moment in which you must choose your life. Choose what you may for itholds the path for you. It is your choice to choose that which may please you. But choose wisely for that which pleases you in this moment may not in the next. Your life is up to you, and no other, to create. Choose what you may. Choose the life that whichholds the path to your fulfillment.






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