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All about Emily!

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name: Emily Louise Cruse
nicknames: em, ems, emster, emsta, m & m, elmo, lammy, the lamb, emmy lou
birthday: July 13
born in: santa monica, CA

what are you afraid of? the dark
do you wear contacts or glasses?
describe your perfect man/woman: a man who appreciates me and notices the little things, a guy who takes the time to get to know me and learn everything about me while also respecting my personal space

Sitting in your room, drinking your perfume, wondering which day of the week I'll die on now. I'm lying on your bed, unscrewing your head, trying to figure out what's wrong inside. So you don't hate yourself tonight. So now you fall asleep, inside a tambourine, next to broken headphones and your high school yearbook. I wrote on the final page. Wish I could've stayed around to watch the last band play. I heard they just broke up yesterday. Frequenting the local black and red. And how that band played, you really had to stare; you'd hardly be aware that you were blinking. You'd hardly be aware that you were blinking.

there's no place like home

ice cream: ben and jerry's chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt
food: popcorn! (for now)
dessert: frozen yogurt
candy: M & Ms
beverage: ice-blended mochas from coffee bean
movie: Gone With the Wind
t.v show: friends
season: fall
animal: elephant
country: USA
clothing store: GAP
band/group: billie holiday
song: hard to say - blues traveler, ants marching - DMB, don't explain - billie holiday
playground equipment: swings
color: red
place to be: NYC, CTY, chautauqua
sport to watch: NCAA bball
sport to play: golf
number: 13
flower: daisy, rose