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Real name: Orin, Arthur Curry
Occupation: Waterbearer of the Secret Sea, Exiled King of Atlantis
Base of Operation: Mobile
Martial Status: Married
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 325
Eyes: Sea Blue
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: MORE FUN COMICS #73 (November, 1941)

Born of royal and sorcerous Atlantean blood, the infant Prince Orin was abandoned on Mercy Reef. His crime -- having blond hair, which according to Atlantean myth signifies the Curse of Kordax. The child, left for dead, was rescued and raised by the dolphin Porm until finding his way into the care of Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper.

Coming of age, Orin by then having taken the human name Arthur Curry in honor ofhis adoptive father learned the full extent of his "Curse." He discovered he possessed tremendous strength and speed and the ability to communicate telepathically with all marine life.As Aquaman, Orin helped found the Justice League of America and later led the group. Discovering his royal heritage, he reclaimed his birthright as King of Atlantis, eventually taking Mera the deposed queen of another dimension as his bride. The tumultuous nature of that relationship, which included the death of their child, was only worsened by the events of the Imperiex War, during which Aquaman sacrificed himself and his people, trapping them thousands of years in the past.

The Atlanteans were enslaved by their sorcerous ancestors for more than fifteen years before Aquaman aided by the JLA returned them to the modern day. To effect the rescue, Aquaman was forced to re-sink ancient Atlantis, shaking the foundations of Atlantean faith. For this, he was deposed as king and once more banished from the seas.

Barely alive, with his own oceans turned against him, the outcast King of the Seas was visited by the Lady Of The Lake. She restored his health and appointed him "Waterbearer" a role whose full depth Orin has only begun to explore.