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I was born on October 29, 1985, in the University of Santo Thomas in Manila. I was the youngest of Carlito and Imelda Santiago. I have two sisters and a brother, the eldest is my sister Shirley, followed by my other sister Susan and then my big brother Rommel which was nine years older than me. 

I grew up in a town called Navotas, a floody municipality of Manila. I spend much of my childhood there, playing with my friends on the streets, along the river banks and most often on empty lot near the river which we first built our fort. I got my first education on San Roque Children School also in Navotas when I was about 3 years old. After nursery, there was kinder garden in Montessori. When it was time go to grade one, the admission office of Immaculate Conception Parochial School in Malabon refused to admit me because I was too young they say but its a good time that my father knew someone from the inside, they gave test which e pasted with flying color. Grade school seems to had flown passed me because I didn't  remember much.

I studied high school at the same school. High school for me was a blast. I learned many new things that opened my eyes to the world. I joined the COCC program of the CAT during my second year. I trained of six months to become a cadet officer. I learned leadership, courtesy, loyalty and most of allÖhonor. Aside from CAT my life revolves around the school organ and managing the computer club which Iím the president during my fourth year. Iím also one of the top 5% of the graduating class. They always send me to different competitions and quiz bee. Back then, I hunger for challenges, pressure and adventure. During week ends me and my barkada always goes on gimmicks, partying and all.

I will never forget my high school days but now I have to face a new and harder challenge that is to finish college here in MIT.