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Magic Meow's Presents...


September 21, 2003:

Mango has found her rightful human companion. I want to thank Carla for her kind heart and generosity. You are truly a very good person. Mango has pretty good instincts. Now mango is at her happiest. I hope the very best for the both of you. God has finally answered my prayer.

August 15, 2003:

Mango has been adopted and is living with her new owner. Best of luck to both of them. God bless you Mango. I thank God for blessing me with three months spent with the best cat I'll ever know and love. You'll always be a part of me.


Mungoh gave birth to 4 lovely kittens on the morning of June 19, 2003. Shocked us all. We had no idea what was happening to her until we rushed her to the emergency clinic! We left the house at 11 P.M. and came home at 2 o'clock in the morning! The humane society should've said something when we adopted her 4 weeks ago.

You can see the kittens in the Photo Gallery below.

July 6, 03:

Just added gallery 3&4. I will be following their growth with a Photo Journal, so please check back often for updates.

Latest Meows...

I got my name from the fruit 'mango'. I am about one years old. I am very lucky to be adopted. I almost didn't get adopted because of some issues...finally I got away from those shelter people!!!

Here's a little about me:

BreEd: Calico
eYes: light green
cOat: short hair
coLoUr: orange, black, white
geNdeR: female
aGe: 1 years
TeMpeRamEnt: very patient,
peaceful, friendly, affectionate, welcoming...
sPeCiAlty: kisses

Adoption Anniversary: May 31, 2003

[Photo Gallery #1]
[Photo Gallery #2]

[Mungoh's Kittens #1]
[Mungoh's Kittens #2]
[Mungoh's Kittens #3]
[Mungoh's Kittens #4]
[Mungoh's Kittens #5]
[Mungoh's Kittens #6]
[Mungoh's Kittens #7]

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Last Update: September 21, 2003
Created: June 14, 2003