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Rising Star

From US TV Guide Print Edition, week of August 4th by Michael Logan

Matthew Bomer's exit triggers a tragedy on Guiding Light..

He caused a flurry of publicity early this year when he nearly landed the title role in a new “Superman” movie. Now Guiding Light’s Matthew Bomer is on every studio’s must-meet list. Clearly, the soap couldn’t hang on to him much longer, so head writer Ellen Weston hastened his exit in a shocking way. On August 1, Bomer’s character – psychotic heartthrob Ben Reade – will die by his own hands.

“I guess we could have sent him to a mental institution, but it didn’t feel honest or right,” Weston says. Her decision is doubly daring: Suicide is a virtual taboo in daytime drama, and long-time GL viewers have known Ben – who was recently revealed to be a prostitute and serial killer – since he was a sweet, innocent kid who was neglected by his parents. Soap deaths don’t come more painful or profound. Notes Weston: “The world has failed Ben, so we decided to use his difficult life and use it well.”

Bomer’s handlers refused our request to interview him but – lest you think the kid has totally gone Hollywood – Bomer did call to apologize and thank us for the offer.

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