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Secret Codes Page!

Okay, I'm going to try something new here. I'm actually going to create a website with a clear, central subject. I'm going to try to gather together all the codes, ciphers, and tables I can to this one site. I'm trying. First off, I'd like to congratulate anyone who can actually find a website that doesn't belong to a major corporation, or use pop-ups, or has an URL that isn't going to be tried by lots of people, like, or is in the news, etc. ""I also think what we've got in front of us isn't strictly speaking a code but a cipher. People use the terms as if they're interchangeable, but there's a distinction, and it's important for more than semantic reasons. Codes substitute whole words with letters numbers, symbols, phrases, or other words. Ciphers create substitutions for independent letters or syllables, and they allow for more complex communications. They're the basis of modern electronic encryption. A good way to keep them straight might be to compare codes to ancient hieroglyphics or pictographs, ciphers to the alphabet.Imagine Shakespeare trying to write Hamlet using pictures on the wall, and it'll be apparent why ciphertext is more refined and efficient." -Michael Carmichael in Tom Clancy's Power Plays:Bio-strike I take this to mean that codes are just things like saying "the thing" instead of "the murder," meaning I've been using the words wrongly too, so from now on this site is about ciphers.

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