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07/07/04 - 11:51 AM- Forgot to mention yesturday that I also got a list a weapons in TLA up. Check it out.

1:43 PM - Also, I'm looking into upgrading the "Element" of my site. If I can do this there will be NO ads, which I know a lot of you hate all the ads on this site. Pop-ups, one ad at the top, one at the bottom... A ton of ads. Once I come up with the money, then I'll upgrade.

4:52 PM Forgot to say that I got a Comic page up. Check it out.

07/06/04 - 10:51 PM- Added Aaron's new avatar and deleted some affiliates that were brkoen links.

7:47 PM - This update came outta nowhere... :) I got up several Dream Reads. Don't know when I'll update again though.

Also got the Message Board link going to a new and improved board. All the good stuff you have to pay for, but it gets the job done. Register with it and post away! I'm going to work some more on it tomorrow, so if there are any problems, just post under the Comments and Suggestions thread.


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