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Roberts Magic Lady

asdfa: ahahahaahaah robert met a lady asdfasdfa: who asdfasdfa: hillary aka Pen asdfafda: he met her at the garage show adsfaafafa: omg adsfadfaf: LOL adfadsfasda: she shot him down adsfasfa: hes like you think sometime you'd like to hang out with the spedster? adfasdfasdfsa: lmao dafdasfdsaf: what did he say? do tell do tell! dafdafsf: lol alrighty hold i must copy and paste dafsfwfe: ok!! dfwafwafa: whew im excited to read this eafswfwfe: speedyrobert97: ummm i was amazed she ever even said a word to me speedyrobert97: cuz shes realy tall and very pretty...and im short and scary qefefqfef: haha ewfewfaweaw: hold theres more efaewfawfewa: speedyrobert97: and i mean i tried to ask her to chill before but it was wierd cuz everyone else was around and they were being dicks after the show..and she siad she didnt mean to be stupid then it was just wierd..but she did hug me bye that day...and then we just started talkin on here yesterday and she said that we need to chill speedyrobert97: im just mad she missed my bands act speedyrobert97: lol eafweafwa: OMG zfdvbdfbz: his bands act eafwafwafwaf: was some kid on an acoustic guitar wafwafweafawe: and him standing with a mic eafewfawefewfa: talking out his songs ewfwfewafwe: then screaming the last line eafewafwefaw: then he almost got his ass kicked eafewfweafwa: cause he got up in this kids face and wouldnt get out the kid seriously was about to breka roberts neck ewfawefawefw: lmao aefaewfw: speedyrobert97: yepp..shes really tall and she had big shoes on so the intire b set..she kept leanin on me and actin all tuff, then she sat down and was like is that better,but i mean shes cool,.but i dunno i mean i dotn think she likes me more than a friend but i dn speedyrobert97: ill just see how shit goes thursday ewafweafwaef: speedyrobert97: after my bands played...alot of people asked to be the ddrummer and was fickin awesom... eafewafww: speedyrobert97: but like i said it turned into a real band cuz we got bass and drums and shit now speedyrobert97: so next time we open up its gonna me a major kickass thing lol speedyrobert97: i think she would have laughed i dunno ewafwfe: HAHAHA eafweafwefa: what a nerd wawefawfew: lololol weafeafwaef: major kick ass thing? haha eyah right eafwfweafawe: haha ewafwefwafewa: did he say anyhting else? awefawefaw: speedyrobert97: but i cant fall for her,.i know im prbly going to but i shouldnt... ewafweawfewa: aw well i wish him luck awefawefaw: speedyrobert97: but i cant tell whats gonna happen its not really in my hands awefwafwefawfew: lol eawfewafawef: lol