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Ten Most Memorable Events Since 2000

This is 5-year old Samantha Runnion. She was abducted outside her house on July 15, 2005.
Her body was found the next day... Alejandro Avila was arrested on July 19, and charged with kidnapping, murder and sex crimes..

Laci Peterson was nearly eight months pregnant when she disappeared last Christmas Eve.Her husband Scott Peterson said he was away on a fishing trip 85 miles away.

Her body was found on April 14, 2003. Her husband is the top suspect.

This is a picture of a plane flying into one of the towers of the World Trade Center.
On September 11, 2001 two planes on a suicide mission, crashed into both of the towers of the World Trade Center, killing thousands.

On October 8, 2002, the Anaheim Angels win their first World Series. They beat the San Francisco Giants by winning 4 out of the 7 games played.

T- Mobile invented the first cell phone able to send and receive pictures.

The scare of Severe Acute Respritory Syndrome, better known as the SARS virus, started in China. It is an air-borne virus. SARS has spread across Asia, and there have been few cases in the US.

After the bombing of the WTC, we invaded into Afghanistan to free its people from the Taliban and Al Qaeda. They call this the war on terriorism.

The latest war was "Operation Iraqi Freedom", the war against Iraq.
After giving Saddam many warnings plenty of time to back down, President declared us at war. The war has lasted about a month. We launched many bombs on Iraq, and killed many of the prime meembers who supported Saddam.

Another girl kidnapped was Elizabeth Smart from Salt Lake City, Utah. June 5, 2002, Mary Katharine, Elizabeth's younger sister tells her parents that her sister was gone, 3:58 AM.
After about 9 months, Elizabeth is found alive in Sandy, Utah, only 15 miles away from her home. Her kidnappers were Brian David Mitchell, the family's former handyman, and Wanda Eileen Barzee.

One of the most memorable things since the millenium would be the new modeling of the Honda Civic Hatchback. The one shown here was given away at a concert, the band, New Found Glory, gave this one away.