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Rs Accomplishments!

All items here were sold for over 100k.


Bubble Sword, gotten 1, sold for 120k.

Blazing Sword, gotten 3, each sold for over 200k.

Flame of Enlightenment, 5 gotten, one sold for 150k until prices deflated to around 50k.

Flaming Sword, 2 gotten, each sold for over 175k.

Rose Whip, 1 stocked, and sold for 600k.


Nothing worth putting. :(


Peanut Bear, 1 gotten, sold for 100k. We were newbies back then! ;)

White Tiger Plushie, sold for 220k.

Tiger Plushie, 2 stocked, each sold for 120k or higher.


Healthy Eating, over 5 stocked, 2 sold for 150k.

Egg Collecting, over 5 stocked, 1 sold for 200k.

Secret Journal, over 5 stocked, 2 sold for 150k.

The Love of Nature, 4 stocked, 1 sold for 150k.


Nothing worth putting. :(


Bunny Staffie, 1 stocked, sold for 220k

Beeps staffie, 1 stocked, sold for 800k

Antiques and Collectables!

Nothing worth putting :(