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user : renaissance_daydream
pet : Borrowed_Memory
NP : 753

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User Lookup : renaissance_daydream

Hello, my name is Mandy. Im 15 and I love horses, dragons, and graphic design. I also write poetry. The name of my account, Renaissance_Daydream, is what I hope to name my first show horse. I want to be a show jumper very badly. I have several other accounts on Neopets including honest_to_goodness and simon_cowell_heats_it_up. (I have a bit of a crush on Simon Cowell from American Idol and also on Clay Aiken. ;~) Feel free to Neomail me. Im on almost every day and I love to chat. I also dont mind helping the occasional newbie as I was once one myself. Hope you like my user lookup!! I made it myself! Im so proud!!! :~)

Name : Mandy Foote
Last Logged In : 5:35 pm, Fri 30th May 2003
Gender : Female
Country : United States
Started Playing : 9th May 2003
Neopets : Borrowed_Memory, Celtic_Midnight, Donner_Bella
Shop : Size 1
Trades : click to view
Stamp Album : here
High Scores : renaissance_daydream has scored points in 3 games!
Wishlist : Click here

Trophies : None

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