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Welcome to Racing and T/B Studing Inc.




Welcome to race Inc. I own,
breed, and sell Pure Store Thoroughbreds
I don't have many right now
but I am soon to have loads of them.


100 classes = 2 million
200 classes = 4 million
300 classes = 6 million
400 classes = 8 million.
500 classes = 10 million

She came to me with grief and sorrow,-"Goodbye old friend, for us there will be no tomorrow"-For years she rode upon my strong back, my back a bit sway, -And another has come to take my place.-"Free Horse" was written in the ad, "must provide loving home." -A woman comes down the drive, trailer in tow.-"I'll take your horse and give him a loving home.-He will have fresh water, food and room to roam."-She pats my head for one last time with tears in her eyes. -"Be a good boy," she says with a slow sigh.-As I step onto the trailer something seems wrong,-"You'll have a new home, it wont be long."-For hours we drove, my legs tired and aching. -Day turned into night, no food, no water, all forsaken.-As the truck comes to a sudden stop, -I see many others crammed into a lot. -Something seems wrong, I know from the look in their eyes. -Biting and kicking each other the air fills with frantic cries.-"Come on, let's get the old guy. -You'll bring good money, your flesh they will buy".-Tethered to wall I stand, my flanks sunken with thirst.-"My belly aches from hunger, could it get any worse?" -The woman comes again, I nudge her with my head -"A little hay," I plead, "You're next," was all she said.-"Here's a nice fat one, Boys, no groceries he lacks."-"Five hundred dollars! SOLD!!! Put him out back!!"-Something is so wrong I know, something isn't quite right.-On to another trailer I go into the night.-Still no food, no water, my strength is fading fast. -The memories of my old home are soon to pass.-No loving touch, no treats, no green pastures to run. -Something is wrong I know, something had to be done. -I cannot move as my legs throb with pain, -A harsh blow to my back comes from a wooden cane.-"Let's go!" "Get moving!!" "I have no time for this!" -I cannot move, I will not!! I insist. -Whack another blow, I don't understand. -"Be a good boy," she said, so I went with the man.-I am stuffed into a pen with others like me. -Heads hanging low, like nothing I had ever seen. -Something was wrong I know as I am herded in a line. -Something smells horrid, surely a bad sign.-As the dark room gets closer my head fills with doubts, -What is that place the others go in and don't come out?-The stench of death is thick my heart begins to race. -Something is wrong, I need to get out of this place!!-Where's the girl that use to love me so? -Surely this place she wouldn't want me to go.-"Keep them moving," a man yelled, waiving a cane. -What's that thing in his hand, he must be insane.-As I am shoved through a small chute the door slams behind me. -The stench is worse, the darkness blinds me.-A Hand comes towards my face a gentle rub I think, -what a nice change of pace.-BANG!! A shot rings out. A bolt enters my head. -Shear pain I have never felt but I am not dead yet.-My hind legs are shackled as I am hoisted above. -A man walks towards me wearing long gloves.-The last thing I feel is the sharp pain of a knife. -As the blood drains from my body, I reflect on my life.-Unconditional love, loyalty, and hard work.-My usefulness was gone, my dignity overlooked.-Memories of the girl that loved me run through my head. -The time is near, soon I will be dead.-She comes to me with grief and sorrow, -"Good-bye old friend, there will be no tomorrow."