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Welcome to Swan Lake Ranch...

Here at Swan Lake Ranch we board some of the finest show and companion horses on Horseland. Our boarding service is PRIVATE, however, and only available by invitation.

Those who board their horses here without having been invited by the staff will find that their horses will not be fed. The only boarders allowed here are the personal friends of the Swan Lake staff. Also note that if you buy a horse from the Swan Lake stable, you must move that horse immediately. Were sorry for any inconvenience.

We here at Swan Lake Ranch also pride ourselves in being the first and only Zorse breeding facility on Horseland. We boast pure, high-pointed, and true to life Zorses.

As some of you may already know, Zorses are infertile just like mules. Therefore, all of our male horses will be gelded at birth in order to maintain reality. Any breeding of Zorse mares after they are sold to the public is not approved by, nor is it in keeping with the wishes of the staff. There is nothing we can do to prevent outside breeding but we will ask that our buyers help us to preserve the reality of these horses and to PLEASE NOT BREED THEM.

All horses are branded at birth with our farm initials {S.L.R} so that they may be tracked back to us at any time. Horses that have been branded will not be sold before they are 4 in order to preserve the brand and to keep buyers from changing their breed.

More than anything, Swan Lake Ranch by its gorgeous riding areas both indoor and outdoor. We hold shows in our vast indoor areana...

...and people come from miles around to enjoy our 1500 acres of trails, fields, woodlands, and lakefront.

We also boast a majestic view of the Rocky Mountains to our West.

We hope you enjoyed your stay at our little slice of paradise!