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user : clay_aiken_ismy_idol
pet : Clay_Aiken_4_Eva
NP : 20

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User Lookup : clay_aiken_ismy_idol

Clay Aiken is the GREATEST!!! He is so cute and talented!!! Clay is my American Idol!!! Honestly, Ive never been this giddy about a singer in my life. I dont care what anybody says about him! Clay did not win the vote but there was only about a 1,300 vote difference out of about 23,000,000!!! Thank you to all of the Clay fans that placed their vote and particularly to those devoted people who spent three hours with a busy signal for Clay. :~) He may not have won on the show but he is still a winner in our hearts because he was, and always will be, our Idol!

Name : Mandy
Last Logged In : 5:24 pm, Fri 30th May 2003
Gender : Female
Country : United States
Started Playing : 28th May 2003
Neopets : Aiken_For_Clay, Clay_Aiken_4_Eva
Hobbies : Books and Literature, Internet, Pets - Other
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Stamp Album : here
Wishlist : Click here

Trophies : None

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