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patricia (aka pattie/tricia)
14 june 86. filipina. college.
bouncy, moody, cheezy, lazy.

loves kuya jess, math, jerry yan,
j/l fics, music, her keyboard, blitzball, books, singing,
her 7250, staying up late
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watching: meteor garden
playing: final fantasy 10

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03 june 03, tuesday
countdown 'til my b-day: 11 days!

can you believe it? i have my own guestbook!!! woohoo! i actually had a hard time looking for guestbooks coz i wanted it to look like my layout, and i found signmyguestbook! sooo, the link is to your left... you know what to do. if you don't... sign it. now. i actually slept at 1 in the morning to get that finished.

oh, i added a picture of moi (yay!) and more info. there's a link at the left side, or you can click here.


so says tricia @ 17:21

02 june 03, monday
countdown 'til my b-day: 12 days!

i was host-hunting a while ago at and at host me!, but thought that i'm not host-worthy yet. i tried pitas, but realized that it's just like blogger, so i'm sticking to geocities. oh well...

i'm currently working on a guestbook, so be sure to sign it when it's done, okay?

i took a quiz!

made by Eve

i like dao ming si, but i swear, i didn't manipulate the quiz to get that. i answered it honestly!

harry potter book 5 is almost out!!! *jumps*

so says tricia @ 16:05

30 may 03, friday
countdown 'til my b-day: 15 days!

if there's one thing that i really don't like about some people... it's adding insult to injury. take my geometry teacher, for example: i gave her the wrong answer to her stupid question, and guess what? she had to remind me again of that mistake... and through another teacher! aaargh. i hate that--- when there is something about you that you don't like, but there's somebody always there, trying to remind you of that fact. that is why i am really pissed at my kiddo brother right now. i mean, i know i'm petite (yes, i like using this word for the word), and i can't blame him if he's undergoing puberty (uh, he's growing...), but he doesn't have to rub it in. damn height.

anyhoo... haha. guess what? they held/used/borrowed my cellphone! *skips* i don't want to mention names, but i used to have a crush on them. oh, "them" refers to only two people . haha.

i'm sooooo bored. i'm alone in the house right now. maybe i should sleep. ciao.

so says tricia @ 13:42

28 may 03, wedenesday

ugh... this is why i do not like staying in parañaque: no internet access!! grr.

it's been raining recently... oh, wait. it hasn't been raining. there's actually a storm above us: chedeng, they call it. oh well, i love the rain, for no particular reason.

people are going crazy over meteor garden. haha. what's not to like about it, anyway? jerry and vic are soooo cute, and of course, the story's pretty good. but then again, can you believe it? the group, f4,'s songs are in the myx chart when you can't even understand what they're saying. and they've been appearing in tv patrol for some consecutive times already. woah.

school starts in... less than two weeks. aaaaagggh. college.

so says tricia @ 14:49

21 may 03, wednesday

this week... is up week for me. since monday, i've been going to padre faura.. to pedro gil.. to padre faura... physical & dental exam, enrollment, then today, i had my psych test (oh, and the guy who assisted us... was really cute!) and ape on comm 1. then tomorrow... ape on nat sci 1, and on friday, for kom 1 and math 17. gaaah. i'm sooooo tired. even my mom's tired.

yay! i bought a new book today: abnkkbsnplako!?.

so says tricia @ 22:48

20 may 03, tuesday

went bowling tonight. first game, i really sucked. i even got less than what theo got... at he got a 76, i think. but i made a comeback, 2nd game! my brother and i got the same score... a 111! then 3rd game... a 99... argh. frustrating. i wasn't in the mood already during the last game coz... never mind. geez. i liked tonight's games though; we finally discovered where i had to position myself and where to make the ball land... without actually changing how i really throw the ball. step between 2nd and 3rd dot from the left, and aim the ball, 3rd arrow from the left!. ookay, i'm out now.

so says tricia @ 23:05

18 may 03, sunday

yeeeessss!!! my first ever layout!! not bad for a beginner, don't you think? it's still kinda dull, though... too plain. i don't even know why i suddenly got interested in html. iara sure is right... layers are cool. haha.

today was the opening of sapc, the church choir i belong to,'s annual sportsfest. it's diesel vs. gasoline. i'm in the latter. but we're kinda losing... haha. we won the cheering part... wherein we just made a fool out of ourselves. lost the tug-o-war, almost won the volleyball games. hah! would you believe it? i actually played... for about 10 minutes, i guess. then they sub-ed me! muahahaha. now you can tell... i'm that bad. i wish i could've tried serving even once, 'coz that's prob'ly the only stuff in volleyball that i can do.

oh yeah. more news. two choirmates/ friends of mine... it's official: they're a couple. what's funny is that they've been denying it, like, forever... saying that they're just best friends. then what do you know? one day, they announce that they are actually boyfriend-girlfriend. i like the guy though. for people who do know me personally, he's the pianist person (you should know). but don't get me wrong--- i am happy for them. it's not like i had a chance with him anyway. ick. eew. what am i even thinking?!? *shudders* ah, what the heck.

so says tricia @ 18:48