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George :-

is a rather inquisitive guniepig, who loves to have
other peoples things, e.g.. newspapers and magazines.
Likes too squeak as he knows someone will be listening, mainly
so he can get food or picked up. He associates carrier bags
with food and chews everything he comes in contact with and
Is most sociable animal we have.

Sam :-

Our own little monster, he may look cute but donít be fooled
lol, he loves fingers or anything that is possibly edible.
Well as hamsters do he loves to sleep and get very grumpy
when awoken, he also dislikes yellow things for some weird
Reason except toys he likes any of those he uses them as
escape aids. He is the most anti social of any animals we have
Ever had.

Jasmine :-

Hey look she found her way to our site lol, its jasmine our
rascal often found chewing socks (yup we said that!) and wires,
Has also been known to throw objects at people, and is often
Lazy, only bothers to move if she thinks she can get something
From the fact she moved, so cheeky like her owner.