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JaPAnEsE AdVEntuRes!!

Whats up?! This page is all about Tetsuo, Aya, Takayuki and Yuuka and when they visited Perth! It was pretty crazy! I look forward to visiting you guys in Japan soon! O - sake nomimasu!

This is all of Perth City! Pretty small right? Now you can tell all your friends about how tiny Perth is and make jokes about it, hahah!

This is J-Crew at Forrest Chase, Perth. Winner of Telstra Rally Australia is Japan!! Nihongo ichiban! WooT woOt!! See how proud Tetsuo is!

This is all the good food that i made that we didnt get to eat at the barbecue! I spent soooo long trying to get the potato salad right! =(

Wow! So many people in my car! Are Japanese people all battery operated? Everybody has a camera! =P

King Street in Perth City. I would like to live in a yellow house someday.Does it look cool or what?

Aya and Yuuka find new meaning in Broccoli. I dont know what it is though.

Whats up! Its the crew! And they all have white teeth! You must brush your teeth often! Sugoy!

Hey, it is two monkeys let loose in Kings Park! Watch out! They have rabies!

Watch Out! Monkeyboy Scott is on the loose in the Park! Be careful! =P

Two Island Monkeys and two Japanese pose for a photo.

Crossing the bridge! It so high, i wonder if there are any monkeys here too?

Tetsuo and Aya find it difficult to stand straight on a bridge. I dont know why.

OMG! There is that Island Monkey Scott boy on the bridge! Watch Out!

EVerybody at the bridge. And you can see Shuta's house in the background.

There was a wedding in Kings Park that day. Very pretty!

Scott doesnt know why there is a gate here. Neither do I. hmmmmm 0_o?

Tetsuo shows his dancing skills to Scott. Scott is impressed.

Now Aya shows her skills in Dance Dance Mania! I think she scored higher than Tetsuo! =P