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A site just for JENNY :)


Update 2/3/07

A New Update just for you! Hope you like it:)


Update 8/7

Chilly Willy update just for you:)



Update 6/15

Happy 21st Birthday!!!


Update 3/17

Hi doodle, only 5 more days till 1 year anniversary! Yay! By the way, Yocher & Belle smelle. J/k. I love u.


Update 8/6 (2nd)

Bed time has arrived, lets catch some good ZZZZZZZZZ's.  I'll update your site tomorrow. Good night, love you.


Update 8/6

Honey, stop reading gossip and go to bed please:) J/k, enjoy.


Update 6/20

"I'm Woody, Howdy Howdy Howdy." -Shark from Toy Story.


Update 6/19

Hamster dance!!! "God bless that man" -Old woman getting pushed out of the way by Homer dressed in a pink bathing suit with curly gray hair.


Update 5/11 (Mother's Day)

Aing Aing Aing. Hope you like it!



Update 5/3 (2nd)

1st day of counter. Stop refreshing honey:) I love you.

2nd REVIEW of Ants in the Pants:

I bought this for my almost-4 son, as he sometimes gets frustrated when he can't play the games his 6-year old sister plays. He had trouble making the ants "hop" up, though, and so did I! The 6 year old will play it, though, except she has no one to play it with given my ant-deficiencies.

Update 5/3
Ants in the Pants REVIEW: We got this game for my son for Christmas. He'll be 6 in January. He has great difficulties getting the ants in the dog's pants. To be honest, I do too. I think he's played with it about 3 - 5 times within this past year. We used to love this game when we were kids! I think the cheap cardboard conastruction of the dog and cheap plastic contruction of the ants fosters these difficulties. Now it sits on top of his closaet shelf. Frustration keeps him from wanting to play. How times have changed.

Update 4/22

ANTS IN THE PANTS pic brought back by popular demand!





UPDATE 4/22:

Happy 1 month anniversary!!!:):):)


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