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               Appenzell Pointed Hood Hen. The Pointed Hood Hen has been present in the Alps for centuries. According to unconfirmed reports it was supposed to have been bred already in the 15th century. During the breed demarcationing of the last century it was found only in the canton Appenzell, for which reason it was named the “Appenzell Pointed Hood” Hen.A few breeders in the Appenzell Hen Club must be thanked for their efforts at saving this hen. Of course only four of the originally more than ten colors could be maintained from the few remaining hens in the 1950s. Most common are the silver-black spotted ones; they are put on exhibit over and over again at hen breeders exhibitions. More seldom is the gold-black spotted variety. They are held to be sensitive nurslings, and for the refreshment of blood in a breed hardly any other breeds are suited. Very rare are the pure black and the pure blue Pointed Hood Hens. They exist only in very few, numerically small and heavily. The hen cost is $6-$13.Rooster  cost $14-$18.