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My Hary Potter views

Most people don't agree with my veiw namely my little sister jaime. E mail me with your thoughts and i'll put them on here. 1) I believe that harry aperated in the first book. He was being chased by dudly and his friends then he was on the roof isay that he aperated. 2) In the camber of secrets he didn't have to fear looking in to the eyes of the basilisk. If you think about he wouldn't die he wold only be petrifed because Colin Creve was petrifed he was looking through the veiw finder of his camera that is only two panis of glass. You may ask what about moaning Mertal but if you remember she had been crying so when she came out of the stall wiping her eyes meaning that she had her glasses up when she saw the basilisk. send me some of yyour thoughts and I'll put them on here.

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