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The Goan Economy Today

Mining is still an important industry but it no longer forms the backbone of the Goan economy. Today tourism is the largest industry in Goa as the warm weather; beautiful beaches and good food attract a large number of foreign tourists mainly from the U.K., as well as domestic tourists from other parts of India. It is estimated that this small territory gets approximately 1.2 million tourists annually. Many major hoteliers have resorts and hotels in Goa, for example The Taj Group has several hotels and resorts and The Marriott chain has The Marriott Beach Resort. There are charter flights from Britain directly to Goa and British holidaymakers can buy relatively inexpensive packages that include airfare, transfers, hotel accommodation and some tours. Many hotels offer overland tours to archaeological and scenic sites and operate river cruises in boats with bars, live music etc. A meal for two at a very nice restaurant including drinks costs roughly 7 to 8 pounds making Goa a very attractive destination for British tourists. Additionally tourists can enjoy a variety of games and sports including a wide range of aquatic sports, from wind-surfing to deep-sea fishing.  There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries and if one is lucky it can be a bird watcher’s paradise.

On the agricultural front due to the tropical climate and laterite rich soil; Goa does not grow enough of crops to meet the demand of the state and has to import rice and other staples from neighboring states. Rice is the main agricultural crop, cashew and coconut following close behind. Rice along with fish is the staple diet of Goans. Due to the proximity to the sea and the abundance of tributaries; fishing is another key industry. A fleet of 1551 trawlers and 2450 country craft are engaged in fishing.  In the last couple of decades with a rapidly developing infrastructure, industrial production has been on the rise.


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