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GMAD is a project in the Casual forums of designed around building a themed deck as a group to get multiple ideas all wrapped up into one!

GMAD I - U/G Aggro

GMAD II - W/B Control

GMAD III - Sligh

GMAD IV - Artifact Control

GMAD V - R/G Elfball

GMAD VI - R/W Pebbles

OK, This is the first time that an explanation might be necessary, because some of you might not know he term "Peebles". It refers to a deck that is build around the combo Enduring Renewal/Goblin Bombardement, together with 0-mana creatures.

GMAD VII - W/G Weenies

GMAD VIII - Turboland

Again, an explanation might be needed. Turboland is a combo deck around Exploration (or Fastbond) and Horn of Greed. Everyone who understand the concept of card advantage should now understand its power. The deck kills with something else, though. It uses Battlefiled Scrouger to shuffle three Time Warps in your library all over again - and if you don't have cards in your library due to the drawing engine, then this means infinite turns for you....

GMAD IX - Mono-green Beatdown

GMAD X - Nefarious Lich

How does such a deck win, you might ask? Easy - the answer is once again card advantage! And Nefarious Lich in combination with Words of Worship allows this....

GMAD XI - Highlander Black Weenie

GMAD XII - Highlander Enchantress

GMAD XIII - NetherVoid

GMAD XIV - Five Color Domain

GMAD XV - Artifact Aggro

GMAD XVI - Artifact Mill

GMAD XVII - W/R Control

GMAD XVIII - U/B Control

GMAD XIX - Highlander Merfolk

GMAD XX - No Hand

This deck wants to abuse cards that help you when you have no cards in hand. Imaginary Pet is a very good example for such a card.