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Galen Gillotte



Blessed Be                                                Blessed Be                                                  Blessed Be

About Galen 

I have been a Solitary Wiccan for more than twenty years, though have, from time to time, networked with others for the purposes of study, doing ritual, and having fun. Being Wiccan is a way of life for me and not only includes a respectful orientation to the sacred but also an active participation in the world in order to help make it a better place for all. I do this in part through my books and other writings. Living a sacred life that includes an experience of Deity through contemplative prayer and meditation means that I may move into the world as a true Priestess whose desire is to bring healing and joy to others. As part of my lifestyle I practice not only daily prayer but also periods of silence and solitude and I attempt to embrace simplicity on a variety of levels. My dog Sophie heartily approves!


As a licensed clinical social worker I have helped many people through various life challenges over the past several years. As a newly graduated librarian I also plan on helping people, but through meeting their information needs. Writing, though it doesn't pay the bills yet, is and always has been my first vocational love.

Hobbies and Activities

Reading fantasy, horror and history; creating original needle art and off loom weavings; playing the bowed psaltery; collecting thimbles, stones, and reamers (hand-held juicers); gardening ; and enjoying Pre-Raphaelite Art and Celtic music. I also have an interest in making paper and growing carnivorous plants.


GoddessHouse is the name of my home, my hermitage. I have visions of one day having a place where others of like mind may gather in order to honor the Goddess and the God, as well as each other.

ISBN 1-56718-273-9
Hardcover, Sewn binding, 5 3/16 x 8, glossary, bibliog

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Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess



Books by Galen Gillotte:

Prayer is an intimate way of connecting with the Goddess. It is as easy as breathing, gently guiding you beyond the conscious mind into the realms of the heart and spirit: "Breathe. Breathe. Wingspans reaching into eternity. The everlasting filling my lungs until all I can do is breathe. Breathe. Goddess is within and without. Now Goddess is within and without -- me."

Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess was written over a period of years in order to meet my need for daily, structured prayer to the feminine aspect of the Deity. This book offers prayers for Morning, Evening, and Night, as well as special prayers for the New and Full Moons, and the eight Sabbats or Holy Days. There is also a selection of prayers for a variety of special needs and occasions as well as short daily meditations and affirmations.

This book is lyrical and beautifully written. It is presented in hard cover with a ribbon bookmark to keep your place. It is perfect for those who are just starting out on the path to the Goddess, or for those who wish to use these prayers for deeper meditation and connection with the Lady.

ISBN 0-7387-0260-9
Hardcover, Sewn binding, 5 3/16 x 8, 168 pp., glossary, bibliog

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Book of Hours: Prayers to the God

Book of Hours: Prayers to the God is a companion volume to Prayers to the Goddess. As Wiccans we cannot lose the balance by losing the masculine aspect of Deity. Both Goddess and God are necessary in order to experience a more complete understanding of Deity.

This book is structured like Goddess in that there are daily Afternoon prayers along with meditations and affirmations. There are special prayers for both the Moon and Sun God, as well as those for the eight Sabbats. A separate section has prayers for special needs and occasions. A chapter written by a man, NiteWolf (see Spirittouch, below) for men, is an added bonus.

This book, used in conjunction with Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess, is a great way to honor and remember Deity throughout the day.

"Thanks to Thee, Lord of the Dance, for leading me into the deeper mysteries of the heart. Be with me now and always. Blessed Be."


Sacred Stones of the Goddess: Using Earth Energies for Magical Living

ISBN 0-7387-0400-8

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Sacred Stones of the Goddess

Make everyday magic come alive with the beautiful prose and invocations found in Sacred Stones of the Goddess. This one-of-a-kind guidebook incorporates crystals and semiprecious stones in talismanic magic, and includes guided meditations and prayers to the Goddess. 

This book offers meditations, information about using stones and crystals in talismanic magic, Goddess lore, spells, practical steps to achieving various goals, and much, much more! It's a practical book that may be used by neophytes and skilled practitioners alike.






Galen Gillotte





Merry Meet! I would like to hear from you! We are all seekers upon the path and have something to share. I would very much enjoy talking with others who found my books helpful or to just plain discuss various issues they might have brought up. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to respond. Blessed Be.  













Galen Gillotte



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