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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Okay, after a full year...
From August 13, 2003, until yesterday, August 10, 2004, I have finally put up Chapter 12 of Beneath You. Thank. God.

Enjoy. I'll be working on Full of Grace next. Hopefully it won't take as long.

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 1:34 PM EDT
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Monday, 22 December 2003

I've been nominated at the Fancy Me Yours Ultimates!

Huh. Whoever thought I'd make it so far?

Anyway, I wasn't aware of it until today, which kind of annoys me. The winners will be announced on the 28 of this month (December).

Still working on Beneath You 12. You know how Buffy and Spike are normally the ones acting up, and putting in demands for their roles, etc.? (that is how chapter 11 came about, by the way.) Well NOW, I'm being picketed by Lilith and Willow. Both want bigger roles, and Lilith doesn't want to be beaten the first, second, OR third time she comes across Buffy.

I'm praying that I can work this out. Cuz right now, with work, and school, and car-hunting, and Christmas, and being exceedingly poor, I do not have the time to do any backflips for just the ONE character.

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 12:55 PM EST
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Friday, 28 November 2003

Full of Grace has been updated with Part 5...

I know, I know. It's about time, right?

There is also another new story, entitled Sensation. Hope you enjoy!

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 1:27 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 28 November 2003 1:40 PM EST
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Saturday, 15 November 2003

*dances* I won awards!!!

Well, with the number of times I was nominated at Vampire Kisses, I really shouldn't be surprised, but it's called being modest.

Full of Grace chapter five is coming along nicely. Buffy and Spike are both too stubborn for their own good, and apparently, they both held out longer than I thought they would. But finally, I just had to give in. There will be smut in the next chapter.

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 10:47 PM EST
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Thursday, 30 October 2003

Four new stories have been uploaded - Fear, Beautiful, Sucker, and Yearly.

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 2:46 PM EST
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Wednesday, 29 October 2003

*gaping* I've been bombarded with nominations. And several were at sites I wasn't even aware I was nominated at! I've been freakin nominated over at the Spuffy Awards, and I've been nominated at the Fancy Me Yours awards. For about a month each. And I didn't know it. Oooh, lordy.

But anyway, my point of updating is that I've rearranged the website again. Personally, I think it looks a lot cleaner than it did before - not as chaotic, you know? Well, whatever. Hope you like.

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 10:31 PM EST
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Monday, 27 October 2003

I HAD to update again! 'Cave In' has just been nominated at the Vampire Kisses awards :) You can find it under Best Revamped Fic, Best Buffy POV, and Best Spike POV. Whoever nominated me, I love you dearly :)

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 3:52 PM EST
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Friday, 24 October 2003

Stupid blog.

I got the results back from the Watching You Awards last week sometime. I didn't really win anything in the 'It's My Bed' and the 'Bad Ass' award catergories (given that Spike isn't much of a bad ass in Out of My Head; Pepper's Spike fits the bill in Mad World. He's a pyschopathic lunatic ex-cop bad ass, but a bad ass nonetheless). I don't really mind. I'm pretty much just grateful to be frigging nominated (I still wanna know who nominated me, so I can give them lots of drunken worship). However, Out of My Head won Runner Up in Best Long Fiction -- to who? Freaking Kantayra.


I'm second to KANTAYRA! Holy freaking shit, that is like, the greatest thing ever on this earth! One of my freaking idols, and I'm SECOND to her!

Kay, I'm done :) Still a little startstruck, but then, why wouldn't I be?

So I've got my award now, which is up on Out of My Head's index page, down at the bottom. It looks kinda funky down there... must find something to do about that. Full of Grace will hopefully have a fresh new start at life, eventually, so I hope more will be coming. I hope. Wah.

Posted by magic/fromunderneath at 3:22 PM EDT
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