AJ Hofacre is...


   ... short for alexandra james hofacre, but people i know just call me raya. i am in my early 20s, and in college. i live in north eastern america, in north eastern ohio. i suspect that i have some form of attention deficit disorder, because I tend to lose interest in things quickly, and am rather often distracted by people or various shiny objects.


i enjoy all sorts of things, spuffy and fan fiction writing obviously being the most. i adore music. i own two cats - an 11 year old tabby named malik, and 23 month old black cat named bastian. i also own some fish that have long outlived their necessity in the house. i have been writing fiction for several years, since i was in the seventh grade, but i've been reading fanfiction since i was about ten. keep in mind that i wasn't corrupted in one foul swoop due to stupid child locks and restrictions on websites from AOL.


If there are any further questions you'd like answered, then feel free to email me at ajhofacre_0520@yahoo.com.