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Forever Aaron

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What's Up With Aaron? Look below for Aaron News!

On 7/31, Aaron's concert with O-Town at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles CA is offering "Buy one, Get One Free" tickets for the remaining seats! Go here to get some:

Aaron's episode of "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel) - Tues 7/22 @ 2:30pm, 8:30pm, then 12:30am - 7/26 @ 1:30pmET - check for your area.

A fan called FYE (CD store) and they are not expecting an Aaron Carter CD on the 22nd and they don't have a release date - so it will probably be a while longer.

The latest report is that Aaron is out of the USA for tour rehearsals! - Craig was in the hospital for something, but he's fine now.

PLAY will be in Europe in August, so it seems they changed their minds about joining Aaron's tour.

A fan called the Mid-Hudson Civic Center (NY) to ask them who the opening acts are, and they said that "there's a special guest - it's a surprise until the day of the show."

Aaron is #8 in the July "Top 10 Rising Stars" on AIM! Go here to see:

The Frosted Cheerios that has Aaron's poster also has a picture of Aaron's new album on the side of the box!

Aaron's Jive I-SQUAD is back! - You can join here:

Picture of the back and front cover of the Twister Moves CD featuring Nick and Aaron's She Wants Me!

It is reported that the production of "Camp Summer Stage" will begin again in October.

General Mills Cereal has been putting free "Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards" 6-song CDs by Aaron and other stars in their cereal boxes. There are 4 different CD's: CD1 has "Oh Aaron", CD3 has "I'm All About You", CD4 has "How I Beat Shaq"!

Again on Noggin TV, Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" is on Tue 7/15 early morning at 4:30am (replay of 10/30/01)!

There's been an ad on TV for a CD by "Super Star Kids" (like Kidz Bop) where they sing Aaron's "America AO".

Fans have reported that in some boxes of Frosted Cheerios they are giving away locker posters of Aaron and others.

A fan who went to MTV's "Karaoke" a week after Aaron's, says that they tape all 4 episodes on the day of the first broadcast (Mon) - they start taping 11:00-12-ish. They make the judges change their clothes between each episode and they change around where the audience people are standing so it looks like different days. Cool!

Nick and Aaron She Wants Me Lyrics here:

She Wants Me.mpe here:

FAN REPORT about EXTRA's visit with Aaron: It's short, and its at the end of the EXTRA show. Aaron talks about his pets - about 16 dogs, 30 finches, 5 birds and 5 or 6 cats. They show Aaron's video "Aaron's Party" and they said that Hillary is Aaron's girlfriend. Aaron takes us into Nick's house to the kitchen and says "this is the kitchen, but I hate to break the news to you, Nick doesn't cook, I do!" Aaron takes us to his studio - that's where he makes all the magic - he's there all the time - he sometimes orders in - if he gets tired he sleeps right there - he played the drums. They show Nick, Bob, and Angel too!

Aaron's performance on the "DISCO BALL" will replay Thursday 7/17 on VH1 at 8pm!

Nick was interviewed on "E!" - Nick said he wants to help protect Aaron from some of the bad experiences he had in the business.

Aaron & Nick's episode of "Sesame Street" is on again on PBS this week - probably 7/23 or 7/24, but check local listing - it's about the new baby bear!

It looks like Aaron won't be at Six Flags on 7/12 because there is no mention of him on their website, and a fan called Six Flags and they said that Aaron won't be there on 7/12 (they said it was an error on Aaron's website). We will have to wait and see about the 9/6 date.

TICKETS!! Aaron's concert in Poughkeepsie NY on 8/17 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center go on sale Saturday 6/28 at Ticketmaster here:

In the June 30 issue of PEOPLE magazine, there is the Aaron & Hilary picture and a short caption!

TICKETS: Aaron's concert in Minneapolis MN on 8/22 at the Minn State Fair go on sale Monday 6/30 at Ticketmaster!

There is a pic and small article on page 12 about Aaron in the August issue J-14 magazine!

PLAY's official website ( took off all their AC tour dates - it now says "Tour dates will be posted as they are confirmed." Check back for updates.

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