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Welcome to The Witches Of Eileanan Guild Website! my name is Arianna NicCuin, BanRigh Of Eileanan. I am also a Sorceress at the Tower Of Two Moons. I am in need of more witches but first you will need to pass your Element, and First Test Of Power Tests. I am creating those so please be patient. Once you pass your tests of Power you will recieve a ring for each element(Fire,air,earth,wind and spirit) that you can put in your shop. I will also put it on here that way everyone can see how far you have gotten. Soon there will be Newbie Packs once we get enough donations(please donate to fire_starterchick24). There will also be quizzes, contests, HTML help and more councils like a council of witches and knights, and site council to decide what we need to put on the site ( only HTML Masters and Goddess).