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Yelm Bar



Upon entering the park the first thing you will notice is that it was definitely not made or designed by skaters, or at least sane ones. But before you enter the park you will probably notice the great white flatbars right outside the dump, see Yelm Bars. The park is right next to a police station (yet it is still tagged more than most), so don't try anything! This park doesn't have much to skate, and you have to be creative to be entertained there for more than about 10 minutes. Although I believe that Steve Olsen has a line at this park in his part of the old Fulfill The Dream Shorty's video. The park has a multitude of bumps, in two varieties, small ones that can be used to kind of launch out of, and big giant, shallow, circular bumps that serve no purpose. There are also two spine type things, which are actually just steep bumps with poles that serve almost no purpose at the very top of them. They are also flanked by more bumps, possibly just for looks. In the park there are also a half pyramid type thing, two little waxed parking stops to skate kind of, and a tiny manual pad. There is a two foot high circular rail in the park also, even has a little slant at one end great for steep-as-hell slappies. Ledges border the park. They are about a foot and a half tall if I recall correctly, and they slant up to Great Wall of China proportions of about three and half foot high circle coping ledges. And let's not forget the mini ramp. It's about 4 feet tall and maybe 9 feet long, has some coping on it, and some crazy bank-like transition. It's tough to skate due to the fact that it's basically a steep bank with some transition at the bottom. It's got an alright gap off the top of it though, not too notable though. I may have forgotten something here, but it's probably not enough to make this park any more fun. Only go if your up for a real challenge or your in the area. Or your stupid.



There's the mini-ramp, crazy transition. I'm not much of a transition skater though, all I did was rock it and axel stall it and drop in. Go session it if your used to screwed up transitions. If the park frustrates you the playground pictured in the distance is a great alternative.

Here is the little mini-ramp gap, an alright roll up off to about 4 feet tall and a 3 foot gap to go over the slanted concrete stuff. It's on to chunky cement. It's alright, have fun. In the corner you can see one of the great bumps of legend.


There is the tiny pyramid and the ledge. Note the graffiti and the crazy tall part.

Pictured here are the two spine-bumps, one of the parking stop ledges in the distance, and the manual pad. The spine is alright to do stuff over the top and to flat, and great for doubles, trust me, we have the footy.


Ahhh... The quadruple bumps, you could try to clear from the beginning of one to the end of another, I think Stevie Olsen did... It's fun to ride over though because you get speed and go up and down and up and down.

Me (Jake Thusing) and Earl Gerlach with a mad-crazy-ill doubles session on one of the bumps. It's me with the feeble transfer, and Earl with a spine classic, the rock transfer.