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Artwork of
Jessica  Galbreth

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Welcome to my Fae home.
I am a member of the Fae Garden @ WOSIB.  WOSIB stands for Women Of Strength and Inner Beauty.  It's a wonderful place for women of all ages and walks of life.  Should you like to join us, click on the link to the left for memberships and at that page you'll see an icon for WOSIB.  Click on that icon and you'll be transported to the main site where you can explore and see all the wonderful gardens and maybe one will interest you.  There's much to do and everyone is really friendly.  So come join us.


As for me.....
I fly to different sites at WOSIB and visit my fellow sisters.  I am so very happy that you came to visit.  I love to have visitors.  As a member of the Fae Garden;  I go to random sites at WOSIB to visit.  While there I go exploring the wonderful pages our fellow sisters have created and before I leave, sign the guestbook and hopefully put a smile on someone's face.  


Thanks so much for stopping by and please sign my guestbook.

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