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These are the rules you MUST obide by while RPing as a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

  • Please keep cursing to a minimum
  • When battling, battling must be done in speed or TB mode. The battlers must agree on which to use.
  • All RPing between two people must be done in IMs. RPing between two or more people must be done in private chats.
  • When an order is given by Dumbledore, just like if it were real, they must be carried out.
  • Missions must be carried out. Each RPer will be assigned a mission by Dumbledore. Members must have screen names associated with their character. Ex: My screen name is "Dumbledore OotP".
  • Each screen name can only be attached to one character.
  • If you want additional characters, you must make a new screen name for them.
  • You may not RP if you are not an Order member....
  • You are an Order member ONLY if I have told you that you have been accepted into the Order of the Phoenix.
  • In order to become an Order member, you have to fill out the form on the "Join" page and send it to me in e-mail. Go to the "About" and "Join" pages for additional information.

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