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last updated 20th June 04

these screenshots are from the design process and may look different to the final version, however they should give you an idea of what to expect
(screenshots are arranged with the latest first)

Eerie shrines to visit
A daedric slumberparty? Dremora want to feel big too, you know I am the decorator - part 1 I am the decorator - part 2 Hungry Hungers... Spending the holidays Did we take a wrong turn somewhere? male hair styles first female hair model more progress on the Dremora body and a different angle possible female heads another comparison pic female and male Dremora comparison Oblivion birthsign a Dremora from behind Dremora outdoors male Dremora head earlier version of male Dremora Dremora tattoo Dremora body Dremora body earlier Dremora head Dremora body