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The Dremora

The noble and deadly Dremora, servants of the Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon. They hail from the darkness of Oblivion and can be found occasionally in daedric shrines.

Whereas the Dremora is a force to be reckoned with, the Dremora Lord adds to the destruction. Able to utilize both magical and physical attacks, one can best not be caught unprepared by either of them.

But do not think for a moment that after you have managed to defeat them that they are truly dead. Their essence (or Animus) is sent back into Oblivion, and it will return again…

The Dremora and the stronger Dremora Lord are mainly what the common adventurer can encounter on Nirn. Yet in Oblivion there are examples of even more powerful versions; if one would truly like to pay them a visit to find out exactly how much more powerful they are.

The Dremora live in clans on their home plane, and most of them are oath-bound into the service of Mehrunes Dagon. Yet this is no absolute certainty. Some reports have indicated that a small handful have chosen to serve a different master.

The Dremora from the ‘playable Dremora project’ is another story. It relates the tale of a Dremora who has failed in serving Mehrunes Dagon, and has been given the ultimate punishment! Stripped of most of the powers and severely weakened, the Dremora has been cast out of Oblivion. Now, a mere mortal, the Dremora must try to survive… For death now truly means … the end.

- by Miltiades

Lord Mehrunes Dagon
Lord Mehrunes Dagon, whose sphere is destruction, change, revolution, energy, and ambition

from "The House Of Troubles"

Mehrunes Dagon is the god of destruction. He is associated with natural dangers like fire, earthquakes, and floods. To some he represents the inhospitable land of Morrowind. He tests the Dunmer will to survive and persevere

scamp clannfear
Scamps and Clannfears also make up Dagon's armies

from "Spirit of the Daedra"

How you should know us.


We do not die. We do not fear death.

Destroy the Body, and the Animus is cast into the Darkness. But the Animus returns.

But we are not all brave.

We feel pain, and fear it. We feel shame, and fear it. We feel loss, and fear it. We hate the Darkness, and fear it.

The Scamps have small thoughts, and cannot fear greatly.

The Vermai have no thoughts, and cannot fear.

The Dremora have deep thoughts, and must master fear to overcome it.


We are not born, we have not fathers and mothers, yet we have kin and clans.

The clan-form is strong. It shapes body and thought.

In the clan-form is strength and purpose.


We serve by choice. We serve the strong, so that their strength might shield us.

Clans serve by long practice, but practice may change.

Dremora have long served Dagon, but not always so.

Practice is secure when the oath-bonds are secure, and trust is shared.

When oath-bonds are weak, there is pain, and shame, and loss, and Darkness, and great fear.


Perhaps you find Scamps comic, and Vermai brutish.

How then do you imagine we view you humans?

You are the Prey, we are the Huntsmen.

The Scamps are the Hounds, the Vermai the Beaters.

Your flesh is sweet, and the chase is diverting.

As you may sometimes praise the fox or hare, admiring its cunning and speed, and lamenting as the hounds tear its flesh, so do we sometimes admire our prey, and secretly applaud when it cheats our snares or eludes pursuit.

But, like all worldly thing, you will in time wear, and be used up. You age, grow ugly, weak and foolish. You are always lost, late or soon.

Sometimes, the prey turns upon us and bites. It is a small thing. when wounded or weary, we fly away to restore. Sometimes a precious thing is lost, but that risk makes the chase all the sweeter.


Man is mortal, and doomed to death and failure and loss.

This lies beyond our comprehension - why do you not despair?