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You've Been Invited To A Wedding

Love holds no bounds,
For it is within it's embrace,
That sometimes...
The most unlikely pair are the ones that cling to it.

The rose that blooms in adversity
Is often the rarest and most beautiful of all
Sweet and strong
It will endure the test of ages....

With a touch of magic
And a bittersweet dream
What blooms is something that should not have
Defying the norm of everyday life

Hense the couple gathering together...
A deadly rose,
And a jaded sorcerer
Joined by love and dreams,
Light and dark..

The Wedding of Forsaken and Tianna Draven

Time: 10 Est.
Date: This coming Tuesday, August 5th of 2003.
Place: Draven-Gardens
Outdoor wedding ceremony to be preformed by: Eccar Draven.
Guests are welcome to come
Formal attire with a Ball like Reception afterwards.
The only thing asked is Leave ALL Violence and Weapons at the door.

The invitation signed by the couple: