TITLE: Spoils of War
AUTHOR: Drake of Dross
EMAIL: litl_rainbow@yahoo.com
FANDOM: Harry Potter
SUMMARY: Lucius discovers Snape is a spy. All's fair in war.
DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy belong to JK Rowling, not me.
A/N: his fic is part of the Roughside HP Slavefic Fuh-Q-Fest (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/roughside/ )
Challenge: 7. Lucius knows Snape is a spy and is blackmailing him into a sexual relationship to keep quiet. (Skye)
SPOILERS: 1-4, 5 is somewhere in limbo.

Lucius Malfoy looked up from his Evening Prophet as Severus Snape stepped through the flames into the sitting room of Malfoy Manor. "Ah, Severus. Glad you could come," he greeted.

"I was not aware I had a choice." Severus folded his arms in front of him, and regarded Lucius with a look of mild distaste.

Lucius smiled faintly and folded up the newspaper. Setting it aside onto a delicately carved end table, he waved to the elegantly upholstered green and silver chair beside the matching couch he reclined on. "Take a seat, Severus."

The potions professor did so, then speared Lucius with a hard look. "I am given to understand that you have something of some import to discuss?"

"Yes," Lucius agreed, then snapped his fingers sharply. A house elf appeared immediately. "Two glasses of wine," he ordered. The creature disappeared quickly, knowing better than to ask inane questions like 'what kind?' If it chose badly, it would suffer the consequences, and if it chose well, it would be ignored. "I had a rather," Lucius made a twirling gesture with his right hand as he decided on the precise word he wanted to use, "enlightening conversation with Cornelius Fudge this afternoon."

"Oh?" Severus prompted, not yet realizing his predicament. He sounded uninterested, though Lucius imagined he was paying enough attention to later inform Dumbledore of what new information the Death Eaters had gained.

"The subject of the Tri-Wizard Tournament and Harry Potter's claims of our Lord's rising came up."

Severus continued to look unconcerned. "The idiot is a blind fool. What could he have possibly told you of that you don't know as false?"

Lucius sat up on his couch and leaned toward the other man. "As you were present, this will come as no surprise to you, of course, but you failed to mention to the rest of us that you told both the Headmaster and the Minister of Magic that your Mark burned black. That Lord Voldemort had indeed risen."

Severus had become very still.

"More fool Fudge for not believing you, Severus. But your intention to turn the Ministry against us becomes very clear in light of the fact that Dumbledore himself got you out of Azkaban." Lucius sat back again and studied his former friend.

Severus recovered quickly. "Fudge is unbalanced, Lucius. Surely you don't believe -"

Lucius laughed. "I expected better than that of you, Severus. Fudge is too stupid to lie." The house elf appeared with the wine and two goblets. Lucius glanced at the bottle, made no comment about the choice, and curtly told the elf to serve it. The creature did, and Lucius accepted his glass. Severus knew better than to refuse it. The elf put the opened bottle on the coffee table and left with a hurried crack.

Lucius swirled the wine, considering it as if it held the answers to how to deal with the traitor. Not that he needed the grapes' advice. He knew exactly what he wanted. "Denial is futile, Severus. I know what you are."

Severus's deep black eyes were narrowed. To his credit, he did not look nervous. Rather, he appeared irritated. So the man wasn't going to give in easily. Excellent. "There is nothing to deny, Lucius. Fudge is delusional, we both know that."

Lucius smiled coldly. "Delusional, yes, but not hallucinogenic in my experience. He knew you were Marked, my friend. Surely, you would not give Fudge the credit of being able to guess that you had one?"

Intriguingly, Severus closed his hand over his left forearm. A habit that would not go unnoticed by Dumbledore if he did that every time the Mark was mentioned. A habit of hiding the proof of Severus's broken allegiance. Lucius stared pointedly at the closed hand until Severus looked down, following the gaze. He released his arm, and forced both hands to help balance the untasted wineglass on his knee.

"I have entrusted my discoveries to the care of one of my solicitors," of which Lucius had many, far too many for Severus to try to track down the particular one, even if it was one of them who truly held the sealed envelope. "Should I turn up dead or obliviated, he will open and read the file I gave to his keeping, thereupon he will inform Voldemort of your treachery."

Severus frowned, eying him warily. "You don't intend to tell the Dark Lord of this . . . theory of yours?"

Lucius smiled. It held none of his usual charm. This smile was dark and predatory. "My silence can be bought for the right . . . price."

"What do you want, Lucius?" Victory was in sight. Though Severus was trying to sound idly curious, Lucius knew they had reached the treaty table. All that remained was for him to lay out the terms of surrender.

Lucius placed his untouched wine on the end table beside the newspaper. He stood, and took Severus's wine away and placed it with his own. Severus feigned mild interest in what Lucius was up to. That quickly turned to bland non-expression when Lucius unfastened the top button on the black teaching robes Severus was rarely seen without these days. He made no attempt to pull away when Lucius continued to make his way down the line of buttons.

He told Severus to stand when it became difficult to reach and manipulate the lower buttons. Severus closed his empty black eyes, then did as instructed. That was proof right there that Severus was guilty of everything Lucius accused him of. He finished with the last of the buttons and slid the robe off the thin shoulders. Then he started on the white starched shirt that was beneath it. Normally the multitude of small hindrances would have annoyed him, but for this first time, it only heightened his anticipation, and he felt himself growing aroused.

As he pushed the white shirt off, he stepped close, letting Severus feel his eager hardness. "This is what you will pay for my silence, Severus. Should you ever not satisfy me, if I grow bored of you . . . don't let me grow bored of you, Severus."

The traitor closed his eyes and bowed his head so that his hair fell to hide his expression. Lucius pushed the dark locks back to see the surrender and defeat on the face of Severus Snape. Lucius smiled in triumph and undid the single button that held Severus's trousers closed.

The other man was limp. Lucius did not overly care. Severus would grow to enjoy it or not. He urged Severus back into the chair, and arranged his legs so that the somewhat knobby knees of a tall skinny man hooked over the armrests. Lucius nudged his . . . sexual creditor . . . so that he hunched down, giving Lucius easy access to the small pucker of muscle between his arse cheeks.

Lucius quickly dropped his own trousers and freed his leaking erection. He lined it up, then turned to meet Severus's black gaze. "For this first time, we'll just do quick and hard. All that I require of you is to have an arsehole. You may scream if you wish." There was a small flicker of fear in the black depths, and a new thought occured to him. "You're not virgin are you, Snape?"

Severus broke eye contact. Lucius stepped back and regarded the body before him as if it were an unexpected treasure. His cock bobbed delightedly. "This is no way to make virgin sacrifice. Come." Lucius made a brisk gesture for Severus to follow him. Severus reached for his robe, but Lucius snapped, "Leave that!"

He lead Severus up to the master bedroom, arranging him on the bed as if he were Narcissa on their wedding night. Severus did a good job of hiding his nervousness, but his skin was clammy, and Lucius occasionally brushed a finger over a vein, and the pulse of the the other man was quick and thready.

Lucius coated himself with lubrication, then positioned himself between Severus's legs. He made no attempt at stretching the virgin hole, but began pushing himself inside one slow bit at at time. Lying on his back, with his legs splayed, Severus squeezed his eyes closed against the invasive pain. Lucius forced himself to keep his own eyes open to watch. The hot tightness around him felt like heaven and if he hadn't wanted to see Severus's ultimate surrender, he would have lost himself in the ecstasy of it.

It took some time, but he eventually buried himself fully into the potion master's body. Severus head was thrown back, eyes tightly closed and the glistening proof of tears were caught in his lashes. His prick was still almost entirely limp. Lucius did take a moment now to close his eyes and savour the perfection of their union.

He opened his eyes again as he began to make slow, small thrusts into Severus. The younger man moaned, but Lucius didn't think it was entirely in pain and discomfort. The flaccid organ began to show signs of life. Lucius smiled.

After a few false starts, Severus learned to meet Lucius's thrusts. The tempo increased by mutual accord. Lucius cried out first, filling the body under him with white ejaculate. Severus gasped in surprise and release and spurted out between them. Lucius did not pull out right away, letting his organ's presence remind Severus who owned who. He leaned forward, propping himself up by placing his hands on either side of Severus's torso, effectively trapping him on the bed at the same time.

"I'll expect you here at the Manor every weekday at midnight. Narcissa goes to bed at eleven so we should have no difficulties. I will have a house elf prepare a room for our meetings. You may apparate there directly. I will adjust the wards to allow you access to that room. You will not wear anything with more than four buttons on it. Do not expect me to be as gentle as I was tonight. Remember, your success as a spy lasts only as long as you do exactly as I please in our . . . conference room." Lucius was beginning to harden again at the thought, an enlargement that Severus's sensitive internals were surely picking up on. He briefly considered each of the scenes he wanted to subject his willing partner to, and he grew stiff again.

He thrust, hard and sudden, into Severus's depths. "Understand, Traitor?"

"Understood," Severus agreed quietly. The treaty was signed.