The Dollie Sisterhoood was started 7th of August 2004 by Sammi, who owns the site Crazie Bee, and Joanne,who owns Dreamland Dollies. It is hosted by Angelfire and has been operating well since the day it was born!

The Dollie Sisterhood is mainly for the users who are open minded and are proud that their fellow dollers have their own belifs. This clique's soul purpose is to reach out and unite dollers of all belifs. For not all dollers are open to different ideas and some can be hurtful and cruel.

Personal Pain

When Sammi, the owner of this clique first started dollmaking...she didn't have any help. So without alot of html info, her first pages kinda sucked. But after a year of picking up things and learning, she created Crazie Bee a well known and decent doll site. But after about a month of owning Crazie Bee, she began to recieve threateing guestbook entries and emails.

People wrote to her telling her to close down her site because she had blinkies on her site that said,"Totally Jewish" and "I Love you Isreal" One person said her was a jewish cow and Isreal was a piece of shit". Emails were found that staed she was a selfish asshole of a pig and that her and her kind needed to die. Everybody, Sammi is a regular 14 year old girl witha boyfriend and problems. She has about as much control of her her religon as you do of the Pope.

After these emails arrived Sammi was considering colsing her site because of all the hate mail she was getting. Then, one day she wrote to Mitsiki, the owner of the famous Dollie Crave. After talking to Mitsiki, Sammi decided not to close her site and Crazie Bee has no become a very accomplished doll site. But if it hadn't been for Mitsiki, Sammi proably would have never countied Crazie Bee.

The Dollie Sisterhood

That is why this clique has been created. For all those people out there who are treated unfarily for anyreason, the Dollie Sisterhood is here to untie dollers all over. Though originally the concept was created by Sammi and Dainel of The Doll Stall, Sammi and Joanne have created The Dollie Sisterhood to untie dollers all over!

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